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Using programming language of own choice while doing code is really very important for programmers. Considering this, **Dev Skill** recently developed a feature which will allow contestants to submit their problem on different programming language. We must thanks **Bishal Gautam** for devloping this feature :P . This feature will be live soon. Hope everyone of you will like this feature. Here you may see programming language that will be supported by **Dev Skill**: C++ Java C# PHP Python Go Ruby VB.Net Objective-C JavaScript Perl These are the list of language which will be supported by Dev Skill. You may enjoy submitting problem on one of your favorite language from above list. You may also learn different languages and check your depth of learning by practicing solving problems on different languages. Input: ------ There is no input. Output: ------- Output a line with an integer denoting the ***total number of programming language that will be supported on Dev Skill***. #include<bits/stdc++.h> using namespace std; int main() { int totalLanguages; cout<<totalLanguages<<endl; } ***You just need to replace value of "totalLanguages" in above code with count of total programming languags mentioned in the Problem Descrption part of this problem.***

Problem Setter:

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Problem Limits

Language Time Limit (seconds)
C 0.50
C++ 0.50
C++14 0.50
C# 0.50
Go 0.50
Java 0.50
JavaScript 0.50
Objective-C 0.50
Perl 0.50
PHP 0.50
Python 0.50
Python3 0.50
Ruby 0.50
VB.Net 0.50

Problem Stats




# User Language Timing
01 Mir00r Cpp14 0.00s
02 suny Cpp14 0.00s
03 cse_nazmul Cpp14 0.00s
04 atik Cpp14 0.00s
05 demon Cpp14 0.00s
06 sabrina84 Cpp14 0.00s
07 BishalG Cpp14 0.00s
08 anowar1112 Cpp14 0.00s
09 Koushik_12 Cpp14 0.00s
10 ifat_just Cpp14 0.00s
11 shailyroy Cpp14 0.00s
12 I_Monimul Cpp14 0.00s
13 ArifKhanShubro Cpp14 0.00s
14 shawon100 Cpp14 0.00s
15 Gang_Of_Three_01 Cpp14 0.00s
16 Dark_Ocean Cpp14 0.00s
17 murad_al_wajed Cpp14 0.00s
18 ssavi Cpp14 0.00s
19 absa1am Cpp14 0.00s
20 badhansen123 Cpp14 0.00s
21 CLown1331 Cpp 0.00s
22 PialKanti Cpp14 0.00s
23 subhashis_cse Cpp14 0.00s
24 wasif Cpp 0.00s
25 zitul_mahmud Cpp14 0.00s
26 MAHRahat Cpp14 0.00s
27 Zayed Cpp14 0.00s
28 aseem_cu Cpp14 0.00s
29 foysal_007 Cpp14 0.00s
30 Nazmul_Moon Cpp14 0.00s
31 codebreaker007 Cpp14 0.00s
32 shaeekh Cpp14 0.00s
33 yakin Cpp14 0.00s
34 Cloud Cpp 0.00s
35 pusku Cpp14 0.00s
36 asad_IT Cpp14 0.00s
37 Shakil_Mahmud Cpp14 0.00s
38 haasib Cpp14 0.00s
39 showmic Cpp14 0.00s
40 zyyxxx Cpp14 0.00s
41 tariqul2814 Cpp14 0.00s
42 Mahbub_Rahman Cpp14 0.00s
43 Foysol_Ahmed Cpp14 0.00s
44 Yeasin10A Cpp14 0.00s
45 sherina Cpp 0.00s
46 Linkon_Ruhul Cpp14 0.00s
47 Osman_rafi Cpp14 0.00s
48 reshan13 Cpp14 0.00s
49 Najat Cpp14 0.00s
50 n433m Cpp14 0.00s

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