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**Anik** is expert in C programming language whereas his elder brother **Shuvo** is expert in Java programming language.<br> When **Anik** saw a java file written by his brother, he noticed it is in the form like SourceFile.Java and ShowDataList.java. <br> Actually file name was "Source File" and "Show Data List", and ".java" is a java file extension. <br> Your task is to help Anik to understand and extract file name.<br> Basically, you will be provided a java file name of the form "XYZ.**java**" ,Where **XYZ is the file name** with lowercase and uppercase English letters. **You have to separate file name words whenever capital letter encountered in that file name.** for example: if file name is : ShowDataList.**Java** , you have to extract **Show** , **Data** and **List** as three different names and print them separated by a space.<br> Look at the sample below for more understanding. <br> Note: **First letter of given string is always capital letter** and last extension will always be **.java**. Input: ------ The first line contains an integer **T (1<= T <= 100)**, here **T** is denoting the number of test cases.<br> Each case contains a string, **S**. Where S will be java file and S may contain Uppercase, lowercase characters only, length of which do not exceed 1000. Output: ------- For each test case, print **"Case #X -> File Name"**. Where X will be the test case number and File Name will be the converted readable file name for Anik. Sample Input ------------ 3 HelloWorld.java HowToCodeInJava.java Program.java Sample Output ------------- Case #1 -> Hello World Case #2 -> How To Code In Java Case #3 -> Program

Problem Setter:

Mokit Hossain

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Problem Limits

Language Time Limit (seconds)
C 1.00
C++ 1.00
C++14 1.00
C# 2.00
Go 2.00
Java 2.00
JavaScript 2.00
Objective-C 2.00
Perl 2.00
PHP 2.00
Python 2.00
Python3 2.00
Ruby 2.00
VB.Net 2.00

Problem Stats




# User Language Timing
01 aaman007 Cpp 0.00s
02 mahbubcseju Cpp 0.00s
03 subhashis_cse Cpp 0.00s
04 badassiumoxide Cpp 0.00s
05 robin_aust Cpp 0.00s
06 njrafi Cpp 0.00s
07 Taher_Irfan Cpp 0.00s
08 snow_man Cpp14 0.00s
09 nasib_mbstu Cpp 0.00s
10 amin21 Cpp 0.00s
11 showmic Cpp14 0.00s
12 prottoy919 Cpp 0.00s
13 monir769 Cpp14 0.00s
14 Hasinur_ Cpp 0.00s
15 PKP_007 Cpp 0.00s
16 emrul Cpp14 0.00s
17 dot0 Cpp14 0.00s
18 Jakir_Hossain_Sust Cpp 0.00s
19 Fahim_41 Cpp 0.00s
20 Bruteforcekid Cpp14 0.00s
21 ovis96 Cpp14 0.00s
22 prodipdatta7 Cpp14 0.00s
23 anik_JU Cpp 0.00s
24 loop_breaker Cpp 0.00s
25 SbrTa Cpp14 0.00s
26 shamimjucse Cpp 0.00s
27 Taran Cpp14 0.00s
28 badhansen123 Cpp 0.00s
29 ehsan_sshuvo96 Cpp 0.00s
30 Red_Sparkel Cpp 0.00s
31 Dalu Cpp 0.00s
32 Mhkhaled Cpp 0.00s
33 muradhossen Cpp 0.00s
34 KM_Muntasir Cpp14 0.00s
35 Dragon_Curve Cpp 0.00s
36 sayedgkm Cpp14 0.00s
37 mh755628 Cpp 0.00s
38 mir003 Cpp 0.00s
39 kakarotto Cpp 0.00s
40 AlaminJust Cpp 0.00s
41 fayedanik Cpp 0.00s
42 st3inum Cpp14 0.00s
43 daihan_mbstu Cpp 0.00s
44 Stormraider Cpp 0.00s
45 motiurrahman Cpp 0.00s
46 RAJ0RSHI Cpp14 0.00s
47 Zihad Cpp 0.00s
48 Mahbub_Rahman Cpp 0.00s
49 Zeronfinity Cpp 0.00s
50 1604099_ishtiaq Cpp 0.00s

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