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Famous [**IGI**][1] agent **David Jones** is now on a covert mission of rescuing his base intelligence reporter **Anya**. Enemies kidnapped Anya about a few hours ago. <br> Looking towards the map he figured out that the enemy base can be characterized as an **isosceles right triangle**. An isosceles right triangle is such a **right triangle** whose, **base and height** will be off **same length**, and **hypotenuse** will be off **different length**.<br> The map usually displays the **perimeter** (summation of the length of all three sides) of that triangle. Jones has to find the area of that triangle to install some C4 mine and save Anya. Jones does not have a calculator. Would you please do that for him? He will pay you nothing btw!! :-P Input: ------ Input starts with an integer **T**, which denotes the number of test cases.<br> The next **T** lines contain an integer **P**, which denotes the perimeter of an isosceles right triangle. Constraints: ----- 1 <= **T** <= 5001<br> 1 <= **P** <=10^9 Output: ------- For each test case, you need to print the area of the triangle **exactly 2 places** after the decimal point. Sample Input ------------ 1 40 Sample Output ------------- 68.63 [1]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_I.G.I.:_I%27m_Going_In

Problem Setter:

Avik Sarkar

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Problem Limits

Language Time Limit (seconds)
C 0.50
C++ 0.50
C++14 0.50
C# 1.00
Go 2.00
Java 1.00
JavaScript 2.00
Objective-C 2.00
Perl 2.00
PHP 2.00
Python 1.00
Python3 1.00
Ruby 2.00
VB.Net 2.00

Problem Stats




# User Language Timing
01 joynahiid C 0.00s
02 sajjad_h Cpp 0.00s
03 rfnamd_ju C 0.00s
04 ikaadil Cpp 0.00s
05 feodorv Cpp 0.00s
06 muzakkir C 0.01s
07 tariqiitju Cpp14 0.01s
08 morol Cpp14 0.01s
09 yasirnabil534 Cpp 0.01s
10 Chayti_Saha98 Cpp14 0.01s
11 n0515 Cpp 0.01s
12 bu_hridoy Cpp 0.01s
13 sparsheatu Cpp 0.01s
14 Shiam7777777 Cpp14 0.01s
15 akazad_cse13_ruet Cpp 0.01s
16 Bappy Cpp 0.01s
17 Zihad Cpp 0.01s
18 voongvang Cpp 0.01s
19 AlaminJust Cpp 0.01s
20 ovis96 Cpp14 0.01s
21 tahsin_protik Cpp 0.01s
22 SAIF_IIT8_JU Cpp 0.01s
23 ssatdd Cpp 0.01s
24 deloar1 Cpp 0.01s
25 Ahasan_1999 C 0.01s
26 CLown1331 Cpp 0.01s
27 Ishraq_Nibir Cpp 0.01s
28 Indrjit_BU Cpp 0.01s
29 unknown420 Cpp 0.01s
30 rabbycse Cpp 0.01s
31 Ataur Cpp 0.01s
32 shimul07 C 0.01s
33 JubayerSohel Cpp 0.01s
34 hmsayem Cpp14 0.01s
35 MRITuhin Cpp 0.01s
36 tvirussust Cpp 0.01s
37 Dragon_Curve Cpp 0.01s
38 sourav_malo C 0.01s
39 Rakib31 Cpp 0.01s
40 limlimu Cpp 0.01s
41 SbrTa Cpp14 0.01s
42 Shadhin17 C 0.01s
43 Richita Cpp 0.01s
44 Salam_35s Cpp 0.01s
45 sonnet C 0.01s
46 nasib_mbstu Cpp 0.01s
47 Logic_Hunter Cpp14 0.01s
48 spectro30 Cpp 0.01s
49 pulak_ict_mbstu Cpp14 0.01s
50 showmic Cpp14 0.01s

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