I have done email verification, why my profile is still unverified?
Profile verification is different from email verification. Email verification only verifies your email address and gives you access to your account. On the other hand profile verification requires proper information in your profile. We do manual verification to maintain quality of our website. This is a skill development website so we require our members to be genuine and authentic. So we need their photo, address, name, contact information to verify their account so that there is no fake account.
What I need to do to make my profile verified?
We check your profile for - Name, - Profile picture, - Date of birth, All information needs to be accurate and valid. Avatar is not allowed for profile picture. Please remember, this is not a social networking website. It is instead like linkedin and you should provide your best possible professional photo to get verified. Face should be clearly visible and identifiable. Side view of face, or long shot images are not accepted. Please upload a professional looking photo that express your professionalism. Also all information must be real and accurate. We will verify you profile within 24 hours if all information is correct.
How solve score is calculated in coding contest - what is the formula?
Our formula for calculating solve score in coding contest is relatively simple. We consider 3 factors for calculating score, - Number of failed submission - Time taken to solve the problem from beginning of contest start - Score of the problem We consider highest time penalty as 50% of the score, that is if the problem is solved in last second of the contest, still contestant will get 50% score if he/she solve it in 1 shot. We consider 5% penalty for each failed submission, And we consider max penalty overall is 95%, that is if a contestant can solve the problem, at least he/she will get 5% score. So the formula is, Time Penalty = (Seconds Used / Total Seconds) * 50 Fail Submission Penalty = Failed Count * 5 Total Penalty = Fail Submission Penalty + Time Penalty IF Total Penalty > 70 Then Total Penalty = 70 Score = Total Score * (100 - Total Penalty) / 100.0 *Here,* *Seconds Used : Total time from beginning of the contest till when it was solve converted in seconds* *Total Seconds : Total duration of contest converted in seconds* *Also remember, contest score is relative factor. It is not constant for every contest. It is only used to decide the contest winner, but it do not carry to profile score after the contest.*
How the problem solving scores are calculated?
We consider the following scoring scheme: For archived problems: - Beginner = 1 - Easy = 2 - Medium = 3 - Hard = 4 - Expert = 5 For solve during contest - Beginner = 3 - Easy = 6 - Medium = 9 - Hard = 12 - Expert = 15 All scores are automatically added in your total score instantly when you solve the problem (unlike 3rd scores which may take 6 hours+ to update).
What are the formula to calculate the total score in my profile?
We consider the following type of activity for score calculation. All activities are summed up to get the final total score. In future we may add more activities to extend this process. - **Solving problem in Problem Archive:** Any problem that is solved in problem archive (after contest) will add some score. The score is added based on difficulty of the problem. Score 1 to 5 is added based on the 5 difficulty levels. Please check the other FAQ thread for more detail on this. - **Solving problem during Contest:** Any problem that is solved during the contest time, will also add score, but if you solve during contest, you will get 3 times the score compared to solving after contest. - **Problem Submission:** If any of your problem is accepted by us and added in the problem archive, you will get score. You can consider this as 5x score gain compared to solving archive problems. Because we consider the effort and expertise of setting a problem requires 5x more expertise compared to solving a problem. - **Getting a Contest Badge:** For 1st position badge: 100 pts, for 2nd position badge: 75 pts, for 3rd position badge: 50 pts and for Top 10 badge: 20 pts. - **Connecting UVA account:** If you connect your UVA account, you will get some score. The formula is: Round(UVASolveCount / 1.5) - **Connecting Stackoverflow account:** If you connect your Stackoverflow account, you will get some score. The formula is: (Reputation * 0.01) + (BronzeMedalCount * 10) + (SilverMedalCount * 50) + (GoldMedalCount * 100) - **Connecting GitHub account:** If you connect your GitHub account, you will get some score. The formula is: (FollowersCount * 2) + (CommitCount * 0.1) + (PublicRepositoryCount * 2);
What does "Not Ranked" means. It says "Participation of Badge owner in Easy Coding Contest is for Practice purpose Only".
We made easy coding contest or any other easy version of our contest for the newcomers who has less experience. We will set very easy problem set to allow them chance to solve and improve. Thus we do not want any strong contestant to join easy contest and fill up the rank list. Thus we had restricted registration for any 1st , 2nd, 3rd or Top ten badge holder. But, Because of high demand from Badge owner contestants regarding participation in easy coding contest for practicing easy problems, we now allow them participation in easy coding contest. But, their submission and verdict will only be visible with them. They will not get any score for accepted submission will be shown score -0 in the rank list and thus will not affect the rank list. If you have any of these badges from any of our previous contests then you can now register and participate in easy coding contest as "Not Ranked Participation". Also a point to note that you can't get badge in Easy contest, you can only get badge from the higher division of the contest.
Why I can't connect with my UVA account?
We have noticed that many of you face problem in integrating UVA account to your Dev Skill account. As the process is a bit complex, we have created a video tutorial to help you. We believe this will help you in your integration problem. Please share it with your friends, if they are facing problem with UVA integration. Tutorial Link: [https://youtu.be/3l0avtAdAHs][1] [1]: https://youtu.be/3l0avtAdAHs

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