Referral Program

Dev Skill provides referral benefits through course discount and DevCoin reward system. Fair usage policy and following terms are applicable.

  • Self referencing is not acceptable. Someone should refer to someone else. If someone creates a fake account to get a discount and DevCoin to himself/herself, then it is invalid and no reward will be given.
  • Referring account needs to have at least one course purchase that worths at least 5,000 BDT and the batch needs to be completed.
  • If referring account or referred account information is changed in future and it reflects the fact that self referral has been used and fair usage policy is violated then Dev Skill reserves the right to cancel any reward in form of discount or DevCoin. In case it is not possible to reverse the reward, then Dev Skill might cancel the course result and/or block the user account until the due is cleared.
  • DevCoin reward will go through a manual verification process to confirm self referencing has not been used. 

The sole purpose of the above terms & conditions is to stop the misuse of referral reward through self referencing. As long as you are fairly referring to someone else, we ensure no complexity or cancelation of reward will be applied.


** These terms are subject to change in future.